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Charles Wilson Horsemanship Clinics and
Alexander Technique Lessons with Judith Wilson

Cornborough Manor, Yorks, 21st-24th July, 2012

Well, as ever, the time raced past too quickly.  Most people turned up on the Friday afternoon and settled their horses in with the last few arriving on the Saturday morning.

The weather was glorious throughout all the four days and we needed suncream and after-sun soother for horse and riders every day.  Considering how wet the country's been for weeks, we were incredibly lucky, the ground dried rapidly and a light breeze stopped it being unbearably hot.

After hosting a clicker clinic at her place on Saturday, Ann turned up on Sunday to complete the gathering, and brought her lovely new pony - a very pretty Connemara.  We had a mix of horses: an Andalucian, a very handsome jet black Arab, a Frieisian, another Connemara, a seriously gorgeous chestnut RID (I might be biased as he's mine!), Fiona borrowed Charlie's Irish cob and three others of varying sizes, shapes and crosses. We had four full days of sunshine for the outside ground, online and ridden tasks, interspersed by Alexander Technique lessons in the cool of the house and then, on Sunday and Monday, liberty instruction in the indoor school.  But as usual, everyone got on well with everyone else, the supportive atmosphere pervaded all that was accomplished and there were lots of smiles evident every day.  Charlie's calm manner encouraged everyone to stretch themselves, if they wanted to, and most people indeed did do a bit more than they thought they could; Judith's Alexander Technique lessons straightened us all out and then the ridden Alexander was really helpful; the liberty sessions were very popular, and so instructional in understanding the psyche of each horse and how the handler can build the bond with her horse.

The numbers are restricted to ten people to ensure that everyone gets plenty of 1-to-1 time with Charlie and it all ended too soon with people thrilled and amazed at their progress and the change in their horse - especially the bolshy young Friesian who started the clinic walking over, or through, his handler and ended it standing respectfully wherever he was placed.  Personally, I was astonished (and delighted) at the progress Milo and I made - he's had a very troubled 18 months since leaving Ireland until I found him and we've got plenty of issues to work through, but this time together has strengthened our bond and enhanced the mutual trust - but, as as ever with horses, it's an ongoing process.

It was a great week, over all too soon, but well done to all and roll on next summer.

Charlie and Judith will be back in Bedfordshire in the autumn (time and venue will appear in Forthcoming Events) and of course there'll be another camp (or two!) next summer.  See you there?


Charles Wilson Horsemanship Clinics and
Alexander Technique Lessons with Judith Wilson

Mid Bedfordshire,  6th May, 2012

Believe it or not the rain held off on Sunday (other than very few drops) and it wasn't windy either.  It was the clinic of the youngsters: Audrey brought her 6yo, so kind and willing to please; Carole's Meg was the 'advanced' horse of the day (a young 20yo) and did some lovely soft transitions at all paces complete with the right amount of flex, and Gill brought her 6yo Iberian chap all the way from Derbyshire!  In fairness she did most of the journey the day before but in only his first trip away from his field companions he kept it all together pretty well.  I took Milo, my 8yo, as well and considering the nonsense being voiced by Madam as we left the field he was very cool.  For his first clinic, in a new venue, with new horses around him, still very new to NH and having to concentrate all day I was pretty pleased with him.

It was such a great day and everyone did so well.  I really enjoyed watching Audrey and Carole achieving softer and softer transitions; watching Charlie riding the young Iberian and encouraging him to reach forward and improve his strides was a masterclass in horsemanship.

Well done everyone, a great day and lots of new stuff to practice and familiar stuff to refine.