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It's not all horses for those in the Naturally Horses group!  Here is a nutty bunch (from left: Liz, Frank, Row, Heather, Kim and David) at the lunch stop at The Black Horse, in Woburn on the Winter Roadrun organised by the Ouse Valley Tractor Club at the end of 2004.  This group covered about 25 miles wrapped in horse rugs, sitting on cushions and sustained by mulled wine - except David, who froze on the tractor.  The rig was among about 35 other tractors and two trailers to take part in this annual event.


The trailer loading practice was going well ...
... 'til they realised they'd forgotten the horses !

The funny hat brigade decided to wear all of their entire wardrobe on their one day out a year

Outing of the Ouse Valley Vintage Tractor and People Club


"Argh I think I'm frozen to the seat' - said through gritted teeth pretending to smile


"Me too, just smile for the camera and worry about it later and wait for the mulled wine to take effect then you won't care"

Frank: "I told you it would all end in tears.  Whose stupid idea was this anyway? I'm freezing my bits off"
David: "What an invigorating day for driving an open topped tractor and trailer"
Kim: "Sod this for a game of soldiers, I think this should be a summer sport!"
Liz: "He he he, call themselves hardened country folk!!"

And then we did it all again in 2005 with a lunch stop at The George, in Silsoe.  How about a caption?  Suggestions to , please.

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