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Pictures of Play Day
Sunday 29th October, 2006 at Shuttleworth EC

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Caption 'Competitions'
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Image 1
The winner of the Shuttleworth Annual Scarecrow competition - Ann K
"Well, err, the book said we should avoid direct eye contact" - Debs
Fancy some desensitisation practice? - Heather
Preparing for Halloween - Heather


Image 2
"Take a tip from me - humour them, it makes life so much easier and then they let you eat" - Ann K
"Psst Chip, do you like my new trouser-beard?" - Debs
Let me whisper in your ear and tell you that for me, the best things in life come in small packages ..." - Heather
"Well, hellooooooo there short stuff!" - Heather
(Said in a whispered voice) "SEE, I told you if you pretended nothing had happened nobody would notice you had shrunk in the wash!" - Vicki