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Pictures from Norfolk Beach Holiday, 2006
May 19th to 21st Inclusive
Home Farm Stables in Holm-next-the-sea, Norfolk
(See pictures and videos from  Norfolk Beach Holiday, 2005)

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Pictures from Heather


Pictures from Ann

Captioned pictures from Row

I see no ships: First walk to the beach on Friday pm

Cal knows Ann can likes skiing, so he thought she'd also enjoy water skiing

Can we still see the land from here?
Some mad people with horses paddling in the sea!


Maisie & Row wondering:
a) where's little Herbie, and
b) what the heck are we doing here while photographer has dry feet?

Saturday, and Herbie has now joined us, but why is a gnome leading the group?

Maisie & Herbie surveying the sea together

It was a bit windy - even the gnome looks windswept

All in the sea now

Any idea why we're here?
No, nor me. Best humour her

Maisie; the Official 24th Birthday Portrait!

Sandringham, where we stopped to stretch our legs, in sunshine and showers - definitely stretching our legs now!

Well, here it is.  Detailed information about one of the best holidays you are ever likely to have with your horse.

The location is simply breathtaking.  Seven miles of white sandy beach with no breakwaters or rocks.  A vast wide open space with huge skies.  A place where last year (2005), people achieved extraordinary ‘firsts’ and everyone had a fantastic time (see the pictureswrite-ups and movie clips - games and races).

The horse accommodation is in locked and secure post and rail paddocks for those turning out, and the stabling is of tip-top quality.  The yard is set in a square with the fabulous human accommodation looking out onto either the yard, the paddocks or the sea.

We have the place to ourselves and can avail ourselves of all Home Farm Stables' facilities.  They have a new 20 x 40 school, a little cross country course whereby human and horse can jump side-by-side.  No need to pre-book, help yourself on a first come first served basis.

A day’s Golfing has been arranged for those who wish to play and in the evenings we will meet at the White Horse Pub which is approximately 100 yards from the stables for a few drinks and exceptionally good local produce.  An introductory ‘Team’ visit to the beach on the afternoon of our arrival has been organised.  This is so that the horses gain confidence by being together in very different surroundings.  There are also races to run on the Saturday morning for the ‘Naturally Horses’ Challenge Trophy.  These are great fun, and the horses really enjoy it.  The activities, are not compulsory in any way, you are free to do just as you wish, whenever you wish to do it.

The beach is approximately 250 yards from the stables across a golf course. Last year almost everyone wrote beforehand saying how worried they were that their horse would escape or misbehave.  None of them did.  They all took comfort from being in a herd together.  They completely settled when they were worked and if one should escape, it is unlikely that it will leave the safety of the other horses.  So don’t worry.

This holiday is what you have always dreamed about – a beautiful beach with your horse.  This is where the dream becomes a reality …

Heather Stopher