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Dear Friends,

Meeting HRH The Prince of Wales
We were delighted to be introduced to HRH The Prince of Wales after the Rundle Cup polo match at Tidworth in July. Simon has long been a supporter of the Inspire Foundation, who organised part of the day's programme. As well as Simon riding in the Jockeys v Eventers Polo match, we offered a day racing as an Owner with Saucy Night in their charity auction, helping to raise a good sum for their work in spinal injury research. The organisors of the charity were kind enough to suggest we should meet His Royal Highness and tell him about what we are doing. The work being done at Highgrove has long been an inspiration to us and we are trying to reproduce as natural and organic an environment as possible for the horses here. There has been recent coverage about Highgrove using Biodynamic practices and we have been applying our second round of Biodynamic preparations ourselves this month to further enhance the power and energy in all our paddocks. It was a great honour for us to be able to tell his Royal Highness about racing barefoot and treating horses as naturally as possible.

From 'untrainable' to winning by 14 lengths
Tihui Two arrived at our yard with a reputation of being difficult to ride and control. Her owner was having to consider giving up on a racing career for the 5 year old mare. The horse was brought to the yard for Simon to 'have a look at' which turned into a schooling session. By the end, with Tihui never having jumped before, Simon was riding her happily over jumps bareback without a bridle! With faith restored Tihui was put into training with us (shoes and all) and her talent was very quickly evident. Before starting her first bumper she was a little temperamental but raced well and closed 10 lengths in the final furlong before getting beaten a short head. Just before her second race Hartpury College's Equine Science Manager, Kathryn Nankervis, was visiting to observe and test a few of our horses. Kathryn has tested many horses, but after lactate testing Tihui remarked that she was the fittest horse she had ever tested. Mick Fitzgerald took the ride for Tihui's second race, and let her bowl along in front where she could not have looked happier. The race looked 'hot' with Tihui taking on a previous winner and well regarded horses from big stables but she never looked like being caught before storming 14 lengths clear without being asked any questions. She has been transformed from a potential retiree to a top prospect for the coming season.

More world class facilities come on line at Simon Earle Racing
We are absolutely ecstatic at the new 82 foot double track walkers that have now been completed. Both are unique in the world and within just a few weeks of use we are seeing superb results. The outer track has a special soft track made from a formula similar to that seen in children's playgrounds, it cushions every stride, provides good pressure up through the frog, and produces almost no wear for barefoot horses. This walker is already greatly improving all our horses feet and shortening the time required to transition from being shod to racing barefoot. The "Softwalker" will also be invaluable for any horses who have been jarred up or are sore after a race. The inside track is even more unusual - designed exclusively for barefoot horses the walker is filled with smooth round pebbles and greatly speeds up exfoliation inside the foot. The effect is astonishing and in the words of barefoot expert KC Lapierre who has been to inspect the new walkers "you'll have indestructible feet in 8 weeks on this walker".

Because of the continued interest in the Seawalker, and now the Softwalker, the Equine Health Centre is now able to supply both models fully installed, via a joint venture with Belebro (the walker manufacturers) and Justin Chittenden (who managed our installations). Please contact Justin for more information on 07775 762749 or 

The barefoot cavalry is getting ready to mount
We now have over 20 horses in barefoot transition the great majority of whom will be running this year. We are truly delighted by not just the number of horses that owners have sent to us but also the quality. We now have some very good flat horses, some unraced youngsters, and an equally impressive group of horses preparing for the coming jumps season (for full details check the Horses in Training list on the website). We'll keep you posted as the new crop, and indeed previous barefoot winners Saucy and Kavi get ready to race. Without putting ourselves under needless pressure its fair to say we expect great things in the months ahead.

Media update and upcoming demonstration

The shoot for Horsetails on the Discovery Channel seemed to go very well and will be screened next spring. We will update you when we know the date and time. BBC Inside Out recently came and shot a piece that is being shown on BBC South shortly. There was an interview with Simon in the latest issue of Horse & Hound, and Eamonn would like to humbly apologize to everyone for any upset caused by the full page blow up of his face in Thoroughbred Owner & Breeder Magazine this August. In his own words "great article, shame about the face".

Simon and Saucy Night will be demonstrating barefoot jumping at this year's Natural Horse Gathering on September 11th at Vowley Farm in Wiltshire. Last year's event was very interesting and this year's promises to be even larger and is open to the public. More information is available from 

Assistant Trainer
Thanks to the tremendous support we have been receiving for our new approaches to training naturally; we now expect to have 45 horses in training within the next few months. We have decided to have 45 as our maximum in order to focus on quality and individual care. Like any successful business we need to have the best quality team in place to ensure we can continue to give the best to both our horses and indeed their owners. To that end, we are hiring an Assistant Trainer. As many of you are very involved in racing and other equestrian businesses we'd like to enlist your help with this vitally important new hire. If you know of anyone that would fit the following role please ask them to contact us. All applications will be handled in strictest confidence. The Assistant's duties will include managing around 12 full time grooms and yard staff as well as part time help. They must be extremely well organised and excellent with staff, owners, and practitioners. Good riding skills would be an asset but this is primarily a management role. We believe that attention to detail makes the difference and the key to this role is to ensure everything is done exactly as agreed, including managing individual feeding and supplement regimes for each horse. They will be responsible for running the yard while Simon is away racing and they will also be required to go racing on a regular basis. Although a background in racing is not essential, over 5 years in professional equestrian businesses managing successful operations is. The candidate must be open to working within our holistic principles and be constantly able to learn new ways of working. Full details are on our website:

Horses Available
Please see the 'Marketplace' section of our website for details of some exciting prospects to become involved in:

Humble thanks to all the new owners who have entrusted us with their horses and thanks to everyone for your continued support which is greatly appreciated.

Simon Earle & Eamonn Wilmott