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There is a wealth of useful natural horse keeping information available on the internet and we would like to collect a directory of some of it.  We have drawn up some Field and Stable Tips and been sent a few ideas for resources, which appear here, but we are always open to suggestions: they do not have to be for organisations or business that profess to be using natural horsemanship techniques but could provide useful or sensible information that we would value.

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Natural Horsmanship - Help with Heather Stopher

If you have queries or suggestions for information to put on Naturally Horses, please send an e-mail to

Just for starters:
  • Horse & Heart Centre For Holistic Learning offers training in 'Horse Whispering' for all.   It is a place for horses to learn the way of people in a gentle way, based on free will and confidence-boosting, and for people of all ages and backgrounds to learn the way of horses just in the same way.
  • Heather Stopher - Natural Horsemanship with a difference! Bored with hacking? Fancy doing something new? Want to have some fun with your horse? Want to improve your horse's manner? Then call Heather 01767 627161 (Bedfordshire)
  • Horsemanship Magazine - Inspiration, information and encouragement for horse lovers in the UK dedicated to co-operative partnership with their horse.  For those willing to walk a mile in their horse's hooves
  • Totally Natural Horse Feed - Offer high fibre, low sugar feeds.  No molasses, chemicals or preservatives are used in these unique formulations, which are designed to suit the horse's digestive process by a natural feeding specialist who will gladly provide independent nutritional advice.
  • Charles Wilson Horsemanship UK. - Charlie is a horsemanship instructor who travels throughout the UK giving clinics and courses.  Lessons and courses also given at Sinnington Manor, a beautiful Georgian farm with excellent facilities.  Cottage available for riders.
    Charlie Wilson can also make natural horsemanship accessories for you.

  • Super Natural Horses (SNH) - Offer a variety of services for natural riders, including natural horsemanship classifieds, information and community, and free photo ads connect natural riders with natural horses for sale.  SNH also has articles, directories and event listings.
  • Amberley Aromatics - Offer natural organic products at their online shop for equine aromatherapy (Animal Aromatics) treatments, Equine Touch, Reiki Healing, Clicker Training and natural horsemanship.
    Heather Richardson 07717 571477
  • Voice of the Animals - Can help you to truly connect with your animal companions.  Using intuitive communication we can share with you what your animals are thinking and feeling and can teach you how to be able to do this for yourself.
  • Arnolds Osteopathy - offers osteopathy and acupuncture for horses and dogs, and Reiki therapy.
  • Courses for Horses - offer equine podiatry and horsemanship holidays together with local retreat in the village where participants can stay in beautifully furnished yurts in our gorgeous Berwyn mountains.
  • Biggleswade Saddlery - a friendly local saddlery offering a comprehensive and value for money range of equipment and clothing for everyday riders and their horses.
  • Landsmans Bookshop - A specialist bookshop supplying Books, DVDs and Videos in Agricultural, Horticultural, and Countryside subjects through the post.
  • J.A. Allen - Equestrian publishers with an extensive range of books and DVDs available to buy online
  • Stone Circle Livery - UK's first and only fully organic livery yard regulated by the Soil Association.
  • Talking Horses Natural Horsemanship Centre, based near Wellington, New Zealand, offers groundskills, riding, re-training and breaking clinics - the natural way.
  • Dr. Dan Moore - Information and products on natural solutions for you and your horses by the natural horse vet.
  • Knights Round Pens manufactured by experienced craftsmen for people who care about their horses.
  • The Alternative Horse Society - The definitive guide to Equine Therapists, Trainers, and Holistic Methods of Horsemanship as well as a list of the many therapies available today.

  • The Mendip Stud - Lessons in western riding are available on western trained Quarter Horses.

  • Naturally Equine - Official Scottish Distributor of the Heather Moffett Fhoenix Saddlesa; website for equine behaviourism in Scotland and a unique Cremello Warmblood stallion
  • Shiatsu courses. The Hands-on-Horses School of Equine Shiatsu is based in mid-Bedfordshire and offers comprehensive practitioner training in Shiatsu for horses.
  • David Ahn Equine - Supplier of the Suber Saddle Pad (the filling of granular cork flows to take up the precise shape of the horse's back, making the saddle fit perfectly).
  • Shed Alarms - Recommended and on sale by North Herts Crime Prevention Panel.
  • Adi Pratt - KC La Pierre trained trimmer, based in Royston.
    (Please mention Naturally Horses if you contact her.)
  • Steve Aronson - McTimoney Chiropractor and animal communicator.      (Please mention Naturally Horses if you contact him.) 
  • Caring Horsemanship - Riding as Therapy, helping troubled horses re-establishing communication.

  • David's Field and Stable Tips - A few horse management ideas that may make you and your horses lives a bit easier, especially during the winter months.

  • Veteran Horse Society - initially a welfare organisation, they now embrace showing, rehoming, welfare and rehabilitation for older horses and ponies.  Offer a passport service.

  • Julie Magnus Racehorse Transport - a member of our informal Naturally Horses group, Julie offers professional equine transport to all sorts of events, near and far; she's very sympathetic to the natural approach, and she's a horse owner, so will understand your natural horsemanship needs.

  • Hosspa - cold salt water treatment for lower leg injuries.
  • Lewis Blackburn - natural trainer who travels to visit you and your horse.
  • Abbey Diagnostics - provide a worm-count service by post for horses and other livestock. 7.50 per test (6.00 introductory offer and reductions for quantity), e-mailed and telephone results on same day as receipt. 

  • LodgeRopes - Australian makers of LodgeRopes, Parelli style Western Rope Hackamores and other quality handmade natural horsemanship rope equipment.  Many satisfied UK customers (typical offer: Parelli style Rope Hackamore with 22ft mecate rein 21.75, economy air shipping 8.70)  A$ = 0.41 (14.12.04)

  • offer training aids: rope halters and reins, sticks and working lines, etc.; Sue Gardner is the natural horse training consultant.
  • Simple Systems  Ltd - Using a variety of  fibre sources in conjunction with oil-bearing seeds, you can feed your horses without the use of cereals, supplements and molassed feeds.

  • Natural Horse People - offering courses and advice on horsemanship, barefoot trimming, holistic horse care, aromatherapy, homeopathy, equine behaviour and nutrition, training, magnet therapy and more.

  • Westgate Laboratories - will send free kits to collect samples for worm counts:  Cost 9.50 per test.  Very speedy and thorough response with results by e-mail and later by post.
  • - provide information, advice and guidance to owners of equines in the UK to help prevent and solve equine-related crime.
  • provides access to details of horses, ponies and donkeys that have been registered, primarily by Horsewatch regions, as stolen or missing on the Stolen Horse Register.



Christopher Dale and his wife Lulu run a company called Hosspa in Dullingham Ley, six miles south of Newmarket.  A spa for horses, it is a large "box" that a horse stands in while it fills with ice cold salt water; it also has Jacuzzi jets to circulate the water around the horses legs (you only fill it to midway above the horses knees).  It works wonders on any lower leg injuries from tendon problems to wounds and cracked heels.  If you would like to have a look you are more than welcome to come over and see a horse go through and see what they can do with no drugs or invasive treatments regards.  You can contact Chris and Lulu on 07786 384202 or

Julie comments:  Chris and Lulu will give you and your ned a warm welcome and your horse can have a lovely spa-salt water at 2 to 4 degrees and bubbly too!  I take my two over every fortnight.  Kalli's first treatment was straight after the Newmarket ride last September and his tendon was bowed from an injury back in 2003.  Rossdales said it would never be straight!  One treatment and his tendon straightened!  Meanwhile my little one Thunder was diagnosed at Rossdales with a bilateral soft tissue damage to both stifles.  So both boys go to the spa and take turns.  Thunder has it quite deep so we can immerse his stifles in the water.  Considering he can't see out over the top, he has no problem going in nor refusing the constant supply of polo's that Chris and Lulu have for him.  Kalli just needs it up to his knee's for his legs.  Now four months on, Kalli has his legs square and under him (not bad for an ex champion racehorse who had to retire from the track due to his legs).  Thunder is doing well with his recovery and has started dressage.  He did complete a 15 mile ride over at Thetford with a rider for the first time off the lunge in December. We are very pleased with this. 

I cannot recommend the spa enough! Having a straight legged horse is one thing but to still compete on him is even better! 


Ashen Equestrian Centre
In March we will be opening a new equestrian centre "Ashen Equestrian Centre" on the Essex, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire borders, with relatively easy access from Herts and Beds too.  Forthcoming clinics include: Dan Guerrera of Barehoof(tm), Alexandra Kurland of The Click that Teaches, horse psychology, ground and body-workers as well as riding courses and clinics.  More details can be found at our website or by contacting me or 07900 436110.


Tricia Ridgway
Animal aromatics professionals use the knowledge of aromatic plant extracts and their therapeutic values to train owners to help their animals maintain their own health as they would in the wild.  Most plants contain secondary metabolites which are non food compounds that often have therapeutic values.  In the wild animals would naturally self select plants containing the compounds they require for their own medicinal needs.  However, with domestication it is not easy to allow our animals to roam and select from hedgerows and fields thus reducing their ability to maintain their own health naturally. Owners are trained how to offer the animal the chance to self select an aromatic remedy for their own specific needs such as mobility issues, digestive issues or for behavioural issues and much more.

Many people are using aromatic plant extracts or essential oils inappropriately with their animals.  They use them in the way that they are used for humans and force an aroma on to the animal or put it in a feed whether it needs it or not.  This can cause a toxic response as the animal cannot get away from the aroma when it has had enough of it or if it is not required.  This includes the more common aromatic supplements that are usually placed in feeds.

By using self selection no aroma is forced upon an animal, nothing is put in a feed, and nothing is put on the animal unless advised by the aromatics professional.  Where an animal has indicated that the remedy is required in water, an alternative supply of fresh water is always made available as well.  Where indicating it wants it applied topically then the aromatics professional will advise on a safe method of use and period of time.  A good clear air flow must always be available too.

Safety is taught to owners including contraindications with other preparations or medication.

Our animals can guide us as to the remedies they need to maintain their own health - if we let them.

If anyone would like to know more or would like to run a clinic at their yard, do contact Tricia Ridgway on 01799 599784 or 07815 809131 or e-mail

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