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Natural Horsemanship Camp
Saturday 6th until Wednesday 10th August, 2005 inclusive

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Please read the Safety Notice

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It's happening - our own NH Summer Camp!! 

Here's some top-line pointers about the camp:

Venue: Meldreth Riding Centre (directions)

Instructors: Jayne Lavender and Charlie Wilson 

Numbers: Between 18 and 20 people have to sign up to make it viable
(Potential participants) 

Format: Two groups of roughly equal size with each instructor spending half their time with each group 

Dates: Saturday 6th until Wednesday 10th August, 2005 inclusive 

Content: 5 days of natural horsemanship skills 

Accommodation (for people): single or twin rooms in flats or houses on the school campus (10 per person per night).  Or camping space will be made available (5.00 per person per night) or you can stay in your lorry / trailer if you prefer (no charge)

Accommodation (for horses): pens or stables will be available. 10 per stable per night; 5 per horse pen per night 

Catering: DIY breakfast; lunch and dinner will be provided on site in a buffet format - costs yet to finalised 

Information and Forms to Download:
Itinerary, Pricing, Booking form.  NEWThings to Bring With You  < NEW

Safety Notice: Everyone participating in events - arranged on their/our behalf as private individuals and not as a member of any club or organisation - must be aware that they do so at their own risk, and must not attempt anything of which they do not feel capable.  They should carry their own Third Party Liability cover, within their horse insurance or BHS membership and ensure that this includes the activities in which they are taking part.  Evidence of insurance may be requested.  They must take sole responsibility for their own safety and that of their horse.