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(Draft text just for now; March/April 2006)
I'm 32, and live near Luton, Beds.  I have three ponies.  Lacy, who is a 14.1 Welsh D rising 6 black mare. Oscar who is a 14.3 unregistered Welsh D rising 7 chestnut gelding and Polly a 9.2 Shetland 8 year old mare.  Some of you may have seen Lacy at the Mark Rashid clinics at Patchetts or Solihull last year.  Lacy and I have just really got going on our ridden career after Mark and other practitioners helped us crack our handling problems.  We've done 3 walk trot tests in the last 4 weeks, and are proud just to have got there, as we used to have loading issues - we keep coming second to last, but I never dreamed we'd get there, so I'm thrilled.  We've got our first ever ridden show on Monday.  I'm not at all phased (yeah right) that we can't canter yet.  We are just going for the experience.  Read that as completely terrified...  Polly has recently been broken (doesn't seem to be a good word for starting to drive) to drive, and we are just fittening and practicing at the moment.  Polly is also going to her second ever in-hand Shetland show on Sunday near Gravely. 

Then there is the lovely Oscar, the horse of a thousand smiles and dreams, and a good few hundred tears.  I've had Oscar for 2.5 years, and he was a project.  It took me 4 months to get near him, and a year to get him happy to be haltered.  He is a different horse these days, although we have hit a problem about his happiness to be asked to do things by humans.  So Lewis is coming out to us to assist in April.  Aims, well I guess I want all the ponies to have a future.  I want to prepare them for future life. They all live out 24/7, are trimmed by Adi - and although I compete Lacy, it isn't because I am competitive, I want the ponies to have a good CV so they are always wanted by someone.  I can't imagine ever living without them, and I adore them.


Photos of my lot:
Lacy in the summer at a despooking day we did
Lacy summer in-hand showing
Lacy at the weekend in her third test
Oscar in the summer
Oscar pretending to be a stallion
An overweight Polly at her first show
Polly being driven at the weekend
Polly wrapped up in a 5ft 9 rug after a bath on Saturday


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