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Topical Tip from Horsewatch Alliance  = Horse Rug Marking Guide

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Bedfordshire Police Horsewatch

Please follow this link to: Beds Horsewatch - working in partnership with the Police to reduce equine crime and exchange information.

The information that had been collated here since 2007 is now being updated on the Beds Horsewatch Facebook Page.

If you wish to be sent text messages regarding thefts of missing freezemarked horses, contact Farmkey and ask to be added to their LOC8 system: Heather Roberts, Farmkey Team Leader 0870 870 7107 or

Remember, all of your tack and equipment, including rugs (see Horse Rug Marking Guide), should be marked clearly and indelibly, with your postcode, or you won't see it again even if it is recovered.  If anyone has tips for doing this, please share them; we've been told that plastic filler with added colourant works very well.