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 Heather and Goldie ID

Heather and Harry

Harry, came to me in early 2006 after the tragic loss of Goldie, my previous horse who was put down following a broken bone in his leg which in turn triggered toxic laminitis.

Harry is a 16h 1” (and a bit) Irish Draught.  He has a famous sire which is ‘Touch of the Blues’ who currently stands at stud in Kentucky.  It took some time for Harry and I to establish a working relationship, but when we eventually did, we did very well together in a pottering sort of way.  Still do as a matter of fact.

Harry is an extreme Right Brain Introvert. Broadly speaking, this means that he is quiet; willing; mainly obedient; underconfident and very spooky, internalising his worries and fears. Harry learns very slowly indeed finding comfort in repetition and consistency. We have worked steadily together to improve his confidence using the Parelli natural horsemanship training programme to excellent effect. Harry’s confidence has improved year on year. Harry will never change his innate behaviour, but we have gone a long way towards improving the more extreme elements. We have come a long way together.

Harry and I get about whenever we can and the mood takes us. We have done some ridden showing and dressage with a fair bit of success, culminating in 2011 with Harry being placed 4th in the Large Hunter class at Chiltern and Thames Championship Show on the Herts County Showground. We like doing Trec training and Horse Agility. We have even won a stiff liberty H.A. competition which was a surprise for both of us. Carole Lockyer even bullied us into sharing a jumping lesson last year. Now that was seriously scary!

In conjunction with my riding partner Carol, we have put our horses aboard a ferry at Southampton and holidayed on the Isle of Wight for the past three years. In between, we box over for various holidays in North Norfolk. We have played and ridden on various beaches and round some of England’s most beautiful coastland paths. Up on the downs overlooking the sea and through broad leafy woodland to cantering on white sandy beaches and paddling in crystal waters. Oh yes. In lashing rain and howling gales as well as glorious sunshine too.

Harry and I were both born in April, and this year (2013) Harry is 19 and I am 63. We don’t do too badly for a pair of pensioners.

Hacking and playing is what we like doing best, peppered with the odd natural horsemanship clinic and classical riding lesson. With the Parelli programme we are never short of things to do. Ideas on what to do next are not something we run out of. We have done such a lot together and God willing, will have years more fun and learning together.

Heather and Harry winning Large Riding Horse class IVPC Show

Harry winning the Large Riding Horse class IVPC Show


Harry ID

Brighstone Down, Isle of Wight

Carol and I, Harry and Troy at Brighstone Down, Isle of Wight


Yavaland Beach

Fast and furious fun on Yavaland Beach, Isle of Wight

Ryde Beach

Quiet hack on Ryde Beach,  Isle of Wight


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