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I'm Hannah Wharton, living in Nottingham, and I have a blue roan, cob gelding youngster.  I've been starting him myself, so far we are just going for trips ridden or leading him around the field, or on the nearby bridlepath.  I'm hoping to get horse transport sorted by summer, so that we can continue our trips further a field.  Topaz isn't a ménage horse, feeling it's only good purpose is to roll!  I have some like-minded friends on other yards, but my yard is more traditional.  I'm going to a three day Silversand horsemanship course, at Lisa Bruins with Steve and Irena in July, so that will be good.

I like Mark Rashid, Carolyn Resnick and that sort of thing.  I'm keen on finding out more along the broader natural horsemanship spectrum, and am training through the Equine Sciences Academy to achieve their Hoof Care Certification, as I'm training to be a barefoot trimmer.  I've set up as self-employed 'Barefoot Champions - Inspiring a natural approach to equine hoof care' although I'm not actually having customers yet, just the odd friend whilst I'm training.  I also working through Dr Ellenor Kellon's NRC plus course, to increase my nutrition knowledge too, as it's one of the modules for the hoof care qualification.

I work full time for a Nottinghamshire voluntary sector organisation called Enable.

One of the first photos of me riding Topaz  >>  

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