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Our Foundation mare, TA Mirabelle (US) with her filly foal, VA Maymunah

We are the Downes family (Walter, Liz, Mark and Margaritha) and we breed and show pure Polish Arabian horses.  We have ten Arabians, at present and my 73 year old mother-in-law has a 32" miniature Shetland mare.  We are based in Old Leake, Lincolnshire.

We were fortunate this year with our foaling, as we had three fillies - VA Milotkha (Pilot x TA Minuette), VA Maymunah (*Kordelas (PL) x TA Mirabelle (US)) and VA Etelka (US) (Expo (PL) x Etrea (PL)).  Two are based on the Stud, although VA Milotkha has been sold and will be moving to her new home in Leicestershire in February, and one in Texas USA, from a leased mare, who will be arriving at the Stud towards the end of the year.  As we lost our veteran, Ferzons Lace (US) (Ferzon x Silver Lace) in July, our Foundation mare's filly - VA Maymunah - is being retained.

Our young stallion VA Mistkyh, who made the Top Ten at our Arabian National Championships in Malvern at the end of July 2006

We also have two young stallions of which made his debut in the show ring at our Arabian National Championships at the end of July and was placed in the Top Ten.  Our other young 'man' will be in the show ring in 2007.

We are unfortunately only expecting one foal for next year, a bit of a shock to our systems, as our first home bred VA Mia Valentina (Molly) will be having her first baby by Pilot!

We like our horses to be treated 'naturally' and as we were trained by the 'best' prior to starting our herd, everything is done sympathetically by sounds and not voice commands.  Our Foundation mare joined up with me right from the beginning and she has obviously had a word with our others, as they have also joined up.

We adore our horses and not a day goes by, wind, rain or shine, that we don't marvel at the beauty and loyalty of our "RAH! RAH! SIS BOOM BAH! GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO TEAM!!   Need I say more?" (See If Horses Were at School) Arabians, who are not in the slightest as the above character description describes them as!

To create the Arabian Horse, God spoke to the south wind: 'I will create from you a being which will be happiness to the good and misfortune to the bad.  Happiness shall be on its forehead, bounty on its back and joy in its possessor.'

Early Arab Saying

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