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Christmas Gymkhana Play Day, Sunday 1st January, 2006
1:00 to 4:00pm
Shuttleworth Equitation Centre

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The 2005 Christmas Gymkhana Play Day will be on the New Year's Day, 1st of January, 2006!

Fiona will be organising the Christmas Play Day again this year. Fiona says:

Please can you let me know if you're intending on bringing your horse or are able to help, so that I've got an idea of how many races and heats are required.  Can you also give me an idea of how many will be riding and which races you might like to do?  I will try to make it open so you've got a choice whether to ride or do groundwork.  I think last year most people were on the ground, but another year on and things might have changed. 

It will be along the lines of last years, but I'll be more picky on accuracy and not just speed.  It worked well last year with the winner having 2 points, the second having 1 point, then adding up at the end to see who wins.  That way you can choose which races you wish to do.  There will also be points on softness, so if you loose all races, but are soft, you might still win!  There will also be cakes & chocolate as prizes (donations welcome). 

Most of the races are the same as last year, but with little variations. This might change depending who replies and what they'd like, but it's an idea for now.

  • Pace Race - Walk to top, turn around trot back, turn around and canter to top, dismount and lead back.

  • Yo-yo Race - Backup to end and canter forwards.  If ridden - no reins!  There will be a pole in the way, which you'll need to go over.

  • Bag Race - Ride/lead to the other end, collect a stick and bag, lead back with bag in the air.

  • Ball Race - Kick a ball up with horse, turn around and kick ball back with horse.  This can be ridden with a carrot stick hitting the ball.

  • Disengage Race - Trot forwards, half way partial disengage to walk.  Walk to end.  Hind Quarter Yield around end.  Trot forwards, two thirds along partial disengage to walk.  Walk to end.

  • Sideways Race - Go sideways pointing to the left, halfway along, turn on forehand, trot, turn around at end, trot halfway along, turn on the hindquarters, sideways pointing to the right until finish.

  • Apple and Spoon Race - Ride/lead to end, collect apple on spoon, ride/lead back put apple in bucket of water, ask horse to remove apple from bucket.  If it's eaten in the bucket that's also accepted.

  • Most Accurate - Who can put their horse's hind right hoof in the hula-hoop fastest?

  • Hula-Hoop - Ride/lead to end circling a hula-hoop around your waist, remove hula-hoop and rolling the hula-hoop return.  This would be impressive to watch if anyone's riding.

  • Jump Race - Ride/lead jump the jump in way.  Turn around jump back.  At end pick up horses front left leg with horse standing calmly.

  • Bending Cone Race - Bend backwards (ridden/porcupine or driving requesting front or hind to change direction) then when you reach the end bend forwards through the cones.

  • Musical Cones - Ridden/lead - When the music stops backup to cone.  The one without a cone is out.  Each time cone will be taken and the one with the cone at the end wins.