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Christmas Playday 12th December, 2004
(see Heather's write-up)

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Fiona has suggested that the December playday be rather special:

What do people think about an optional fancy-dress Christmas Playday with games and prizes (I was thinking about fairy cakes and chocolate, but other donations welcome)?  I know there was talk about a gymkhana before, but I couldn't find the previous messages.

Any of these are optional.  If you don’t wish to do a race then you can either watch the others or give a hand.  The races are mostly individual and I hope everyone will feel a winner by the end.

Tack Race – Put the saddle on without moving your feet (only your horse may move), ride/lead to end in trot, turn on hindquarters (tail facing cone), trot to finish.

Yo-yo Race – Backup, trot forwards, backup, canter forwards.  If ridden – no reins!

Pace Race – Walk to top, turn around trot back, turn around and canter to top, dismount and lead back.

Balloon Race – Ride/Lead to the other end, collect a balloon, lead back with balloon in between legs.

Sideways Race – Go sideways pointing to the left, halfway along, turn on forehand, trot, turn around at end, trot halfway along, turn on the hindquarters, sideways pointing to the left until finish.

Apple & Spoon Race – Ride/Lead to end with apple on spoon, put apple in bucket of water, ask horse to remove apple from bucket.

Most Accurate - Who can put their horses front right hoof in the hula-hoop fastest?

Bending Cone Race - Bend backwards (ridden/porcupine or driving requesting front or hind to change direction) then when you reach the end bend forwards through the cones.

Silliest Dismount - Somersault off backwards!  (One’s during other races may be considered).

Chase-Me-Charlie - Squeeze jumping or ridden.  See how high you can go.

I like the idea of Musical Statues that the Norfolk Group played - Keep all 4 feet of the horse on the ground for 10 seconds when the music stops.

Musical Cones – Ridden/Lead - When the music stops backup to cone.  The one without a cone is out.

How many horses we can get on the circling game at once?  It might be best to walk a large circle in walk first.  There might not be enough room for lots, so we might have to have some of the horses on an inner circle!

Who can do a few circles and then trot into the trailer?