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Captioned Pictures from Charlie Wilson NH Clinics
Saturday April 29th and Sunday April 30th at Meldreth Manor Riding Centre

 Thanks to Alex (and Row and Vicki See also pictures from Liz

There are 'quite a few' pictures, so please be patient with the downloading

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We all benefit from Charlie's laid back style.

Saturday April 29th

Come on Liz, get the legs remember the triumph of the summer camp?!

Wow-focus, quiet contact = horse responding.


A typical response to the day from Dancer, I think you will all agree.

Pre-flight checks done on the ground and now ridden.

Dillon shows us a lovely expression and relaxed walk.

OK Liz, lets get you on the nice horsey!

Charlie demonstrates circling with correct body language and shows us to push back with suggestion on any part of the horse which pushes on us.


See, I said he was laid back!

We each had a chance to prove that we were listening! Murphy learns to follow a feel for forward flexion. We were working at lateral flexion from the ground and then mounted.

Alex spends significant amount of time demonstrating how to stand on a mounting block - Dancer spends significant amount of time demonstrating how to keep moving around a mounting block!!!(we won't mention Liz's mounting block demo).

The horses were all happy to be ridden in the arena together

Charlie has Liz's attention!

Dancer caught in mid head toss - she did this for most of Saturday#!#!


We watched Heather and Harry working on flexion. Charlie was very impressed how much Heather had taught her horse.

Murphy showing us his paces and Dancer showing us what she thought by sticking her tongue out.

Charlie demonstrating the importance of body language and phases on Harry after lunch on Saturday. You can all see the nice bag in the rope and Harry's attention.

And I'm not going back either!!!!!

Ann and Cal get ready for the PM slot with Cathy's aid.

Have you got anything in your pocket or are you just pleased to be with me?

Charlie really kept us working hard all afternoon.

Psst! Just whisper in my shell like ear where you got that fetching hat?

Sadly out of focus but Charlie was demonstrating how to get Dancer to move on a circle by following feel and not evading out. It proved to be important not to put too much pressure on her by looking at her.

Another Ahhhh! moment with the worlds whitest horse Luna.

Luna loved the photo opportunities.

Following a feel and flexion - see the hand position on the withers.

I think this is really of Fiona racing past in the background.

Charlie gets on Dancer and helps sort out the crossness.

A lovely moment for Liz and Claude.

Look no hands!

Avery relaxed view of no hand riding!

Sunday April 30th

I don't think there is a shot of Cathy not smiling with the lovely Muffin - but just what all that rope is about I don't know.

Ooops Vicki, lovely arena!

Whisper all together more relaxed that Dancer had been.

Be careful not to get ahead of the horse there Sheril!  We worked on being in the correct place to lead the horse even on the circle and in hand had worked at this from various positions down the horses length.  Harder than it looks.

Leading from the shoulder and getting the horse to stop to body language from the off side a swell as the near.

Aren't I lovely?

I don't care if Zippy is going near that big green thing. I am not!

Tanya and Flo riding on a casual rein and trying to direct the horse from body position only.

Smiling Fiona

Smiling Fiona, again!

A lovely square halt from King.

Relaxed or what?

Well, so are we!

King found it quite emotional at times but this is another lovely moment.

What is Alex doing with the reins there?


Trying to communicate backwards without reins (it is really coming at home now).

More communication needed, I think?

A thinking moment.


 Cathy and Muffin very together and Muffin has left Zippy's side



More smiling!

I think Whisper and Alex need to work on their halts a bit!







Charlie gave several demonstrations on King and worked at improving his flexion to help him stop when emotional.

A lovely moment.

King was able to stand for a few minutes on a casual rein but remained very alert.


Ohh, opposite direction to zippy!

Tanya attempting a leg yield with no rein aid.

Much practicing went on.



Are you getting my best side?


Note Muffin's ears.



Cathy back on King - nice relaxed rein.

Whisper very laid back - remember when she used to go for the other horses?


What up that end again?




What is going on here?


Thank you Alex!

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