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Since a very small child I have been in love with horses. My favourite film at a very young age was Black Beauty!  So sad, but so happy at the ending!  I would watch it constantly!

I did my fair share of adopting horses from the Essex Horse & Pony Protection Society – my favourite being a white horse called Princess.  I volunteered to help out down there every Sunday, but after a couple of weekends my family couldn’t take me down there anymore.  However, any chance I had on a Sunday, when they would open to the public I would beg my Dad to take me on a Sunday afternoon!

As I got a bit older, I had to make a decision – Horse Riding Lessons or Stage School?  Well, I chose Stage School and I did enjoy it, but now 8/9 years later, I wish I had chosen the riding lessons!!! Lol

So a long story short, 9 years later – I am back working with horses.  Being a complete novice rider I am still learning all the basics – but I am loving every minute of it!

On a trip to Ireland last November with my partner Richard, was when I really got back into them.  Richard’s uncle owns racehorses and he works at one of the local stud farms, so I helped out a bit, went to the point-to-point with his favourite up and coming racehorse called Don’t Leave Without Me or what I called her - “Mimi” for short!  She was such a stunning horse – I fell in love with her fun nature and passion for everything fast!!

My second love for horses grew when I met Joey – a friend of the family's Hunter.  He has such a kind temperament, and was just so sweet natured.  Loved to jump, hack and most importantly – loved the thrill of hunting! As I watched them set off for their early morning Sunday hunt – I knew that I wanted to have lessons and have that excitable feeling in my tummy!

On our return to Surrey, I found ten addresses of my local riding schools and set off on a mission to find one to suit me!  I have been to two different riding schools since November last year and they have both brought my riding ability on really well.  I am very confidant and love both hacking and schooling!

However my real find was when I decided to look for a horse to share, to learn more than just riding.  After a few hare raising trials on horses – where I was definitely not right for the horse! I found out about the Holistic Horse & Pony Centre.  There is where I met the second man in my life – Tom!

A 16.1hh, chestnut, Irish Sports horse, 23 years old with such a passion for life!  I fell in love immediately with Tom, the yard, the herd and all of the people down there!

Tom has been out of work since Christmas, due to playing in the field with his friends and pulling a ligament in his leg, however since my arrival at the beginning of March he has been asking to get back in to work.  We have been taking it slow, getting to know each other and easing Tom back to his fitness.

We are starting to make a real bond, and I think we are getting to point where he knows my face and that I have a pocket full of apples for him!!!

After sharing Tom for nine months, which I loved every minute of it!, I felt that me and Tom could go no further.  Tom was unable to jump anymore and I felt that my passion lay with jumping!  So after spending a fortune on horse mags looking in the "For Sale" sections, in August 2006 I bought Gracia :-)

Gracia is a stunning 16'3 11 year old Dutch Warmblood Mare who I am totally besotted with!  We have a had a great year of fully getting to know each other and how the other one ticks!  She can be a right little madam - but then so can I!!  I feel that now, after a year, we fully respect each other and enjoy our time together.

On 28th July, 2007 - we entered our first show jumping competition - which was absolutely awesome!  We came 6th, and I was so proud of my baby girl!  She thoroughly enjoyed herself and jumped like a superstar!  I am a very proud mummy and look forward to many more exciting competitions in the years to come.

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