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See also, the December, 2004 Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust Newsletter

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The Norfolk Natural Horse Group (now The Norfolk Horse Training and Equitation Club) successfully launched a 'Bit Amnesty Campaign' in Norfolk on behalf of The Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust; collected were:

  • 12 - 15 bags of donated bridles and Numnahs, etc. 

  • more than 60 bits!

  • 73.50 in our raffle and 40 cash donations = 113.50 in total 

  • a full set of driving harness! 

The main thrust of the campaign, which was launched on the 28th November, is to get Norfolk Horse owners to hand in their unused and unwanted 4" and 4.5" bits, etc, to their local tack shop.  The NNHG will then collect the donated items on a regular basis and deliver the tack to the UK charity base.  The equipment will then be transported to the Gambia.

Norfolk tack shops supporting the appeal will provide a 'Bits-n-Pieces Amnesty Bin', where horse owners can leave their donations of unwanted small sized bits, headcollars, bridles and boots.  The appeal runs from the beginning of December through to end of February.  If the pilot campaign in Norfolk is a success, then the NNHG will launch a National Campaign in 2005. 

Why bits?
Many of the Gambian horses and donkeys suffer terrible and horrific injury and life long suffering through ill-fitting and cruel bits; many animals are driven in plain wire!  The NNHG 'Norfolk Bit Amnesty Appeal' proves that a "Little bit - makes a big difference!"

Why the Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust?
We believe that this organisation, which is run by volunteers, is a truly sustainable charity that supports not just a whole community but also Gambian conservation, with its links to the Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Trust.  Importantly, it also works to reduce poverty and ill health for Gambian children and their families with the Alexander Edwards Trust who are currently building a desperately needed health clinic.  The Alexander Edwards Trust has also assisted over 200 children through an education programme.  The Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust is committed to improve the welfare and treatment of all equines, through education, veterinary and farriery care.

Johanna Macarthur of NNHG comments:

"This charity presents not just an opportunity to help horses but also starving families with its health and education programmes - the amnesty appeal provides the opportunity for every horse owner to do their bit!"

"We are delighted to play a part in the Gambia Appeal and hope that lots of our customers will donate equipment - we have a huge 'Bit Bin' ready!"

Johanna Macarthur of NNHG, North Walsham Saddlery
tel: 01263 838052 tel/fax 01263 734422
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