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Bedfordshire Police Horsewatch


Beds Horsewatch - working in partnership with the Police to reduce equine crime and exchange information.  The information that had been collated here since 2007 is now being updated on the Beds Horsewatch Facebook Page.

If you wish to be sent text messages regarding thefts of missing freezemarked horses, contact Farmkey and ask to be added to their LOC8 system: Heather Roberts, Farmkey Team Leader 0870 870 7107 or

Remember, all of your tack and equipment, including rugs (see Horse Rug Marking Guide), should be marked clearly and indelibly, with your postcode, or you won't see it again even if it is recovered.  If anyone has tips for doing this, please share them; we've been told that plastic filler with added colourant works very well.

Beds Horsewatch Contacts:

Rowena James Tel Nos: 01767 318156, 077932 14028

Ian Hunter Community & Partnerships,Bedford & District Neighbourhourhood Watch Liaison Officer
Tel: 01234 275165
Peter Spicer Crime Reduction Officer  -

Inspector Phil Cannings  Wildlife liaison -

Direct Line 01234-842203


For Ringmaster Forms - to join Horsewatch and receive information on equine crime in the area, contact Ulin Smith -
 Sarah Stevens -


To join Beds Horsewatch and receive Ringmaster messages from the police, please print off, complete and return the Ringmaster Form to the address shown on it.

Go to: Beds Horsewatch
UK Horsewatch

The Stolen Horse Register
TrailerWatch UK



UKHorsewatch a voluntary national organisation formed with the aim and objective of preventing and reducing the incidents of equine related crimes, with the support and co-operation of the National Association of Chief Police Officers.  Details of stolen horses and property are circulated, countrywide.  Sales, ports and abattoirs are all visited by members regularly.  The majority of stolen horses are quickly found (as long as details are notified promptly), at a sale or auction often many miles away, the morning after the theft.  However, please remember if the horse isn't freezemarked it is virtually impossible to make a positive identification, in which case a recovery is not possible.  The Stolen Horse Register and Stolen Trailer Register have been set up to record details, and enable access by Horsewatch members.

The Stolen Horse Register

The Stolen Horse Register database keeps photos and descriptions of missing and stolen equines, and your help in searching for these is urgently needed - please try to imagine the desperation and anguish being felt by their owners, and remember: It could be you, so please help, and you will be assured that others are prepared to do the same for you! If a new horse turns up in your yard, or in a field near you, just check the register. That's how many horses are found, after having passed through sale/s and dealers yards - sometimes years later.

TrailerWatch UK

This Site Is No Longer In Use - It Is Hoped That It, Or A Similar Site, Will Be Running Again Soon

If you are looking to buy a second-hand trailer, and it seems too good to be true...why?!  It could well be stolen.  Check the chassis number against the TrailerWatch UK database.  If you are prepared to purchase a 'bargain' you may have condoned the theft, and ensured that 'crime really does pay'!  Similarly, if you buy a saddle or other tack from a car boot sale or similar, at suspiciously low prices, you can be fairly sure that you have bought the results of someone else's hard-earned money.  Don't do it!  Make sure your own tack is clearly and visibly identifiable with your postcode.  That may prevent it from being stolen, or aid in its recovery.

Beds Horsewatch

Beds Horsewatch is part of the national Horsewatch scheme covering the majority of police forces in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Beds Horsewatch is within the South East Region of the national Horsewatch scheme.  The South East Region consists of Surrey, Essex, Kent, Hertfordshire, Sussex, Bedfordshire, Thames Valley and Hampshire.  This group is seeking new members in order to launch the scheme on completion of the police review currently underway.  There will be police representation within the various divisions in the county, details of which will be available shortly.  A membership form which can by downloaded, printed off and sent to the appropriate division will be made available on this site.  In the meantime, please contact your local police station and request one.

Anyone can join, your personal details will be kept on the police data base: details of relevant crimes, suspicious incidents vehicles etc. will be circulated by phone email or fax.  They will often be from other county areas, as apparently thieves do travel over county boundaries, and from one end of the country to the other!  There will also be crime reduction initiatives, such as freezemarking and tack-stamping sessions, as well as useful advice regarding the steps which you can take to avoid becoming a victim of crime.  Members will be encouraged to get to know each other and form smaller groups which can meet to discuss the ways in which they can look out for each other.  By just checking a field or yard as you drive past, you can help keep your neighbours property and horses safer. They will also be encouraged to meet and get to know their local police personnel, and advised on the best way of collating and passing on useful information and intelligence. 

If you have any queries or problems in obtaining membership forms, please contact me at, and I will try to help.

This page is being developed in conjunction with Bedfordshire Police and will contain information on horse-related crime.

Bedfordshire Police Horsewatch