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Keeping horses natural - for people and horses with open minds 

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  • Welcome to the Naturally Horses, a resource of natural horse keeping for people with open minds -  people who believe in trying to do things more naturally by exploring all manners of ways of keeping and looking after their horses to the best of their ability.

  • An informal and friendly group, Naturally Horses, is not a club, we have no formal membership, subscription fee, committees or club rules - individuals arrange natural horse events.  We set up this website in February, 2004 to share and keep in touch; we communicated largely through a group e-mail forum but sadly, despite much effort by helpful and knowledgeable colleagues, we were unable to resurrect it when the website had to be moved to a more modern server in 2014.  Today, many from this group still keep in touch via the Naturally Horses Facebook Group.

  • Members who wish to, may have a picture of themselves with their horse on the People and Horses page with a link to their own page that may contain a biographical sketch and more pictures.  It's all very informal, there's no pressure at all.


We're not saying that other ways with horses are wrong, we’re just saying 'Why not try to look at things differently and try it another way?'

‘New’ brands of natural horsemanship are appearing out there in the market now with some very highly skilled and professional instructors.  These instructors may be from any corner of the globe, not just America, Australia or Britain, but what they all have in common is a desire to pass on their learning to make us able to understand our horses better and to gain more enjoyment in their company.

‘Alternative’ medical treatment for horses is becoming pretty mainstream and accepted by most natural horse owners, treatments such as chiropractoring, massage, lasers, etc., but what about natural horsemanship, or iridology, or Tai Chi?  These different approaches are all parallel threads that lead us to encouraging our horses to behave in the manner we’d like them to by increasing our knowledge of the natural behaviour of horses in herds, and even by learning some of the bio-mechanics of their skeletal movements.

Advice on Burying a Horse at Home:  If you are faced with saying good-bye to an old friend but would like them close by, this page may help you.

Herbs for Horses is a valuable guide written by Ellen Collinson.

 Suggestions for information to put on Naturally Horses, or any queries, please send an e-mail to


Safety Notice: Everyone participating in events - arranged on their/our behalf as private individuals and not as a member of any club or organisation - must be aware that they do so at their own risk, and must not attempt anything of which they do not feel capable.  They should carry their own Third Party Liability cover, within their horse insurance or BHS membership and ensure that this includes the activities in which they are taking part.  Evidence of insurance may be requested.  They must take sole responsibility for their own safety and that of their horse.


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Field and Stable Tips

A few horse management ideas that may make you and your horses lives a bit easier, especially during the winter months.

The Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust

Aim: to reduce rural poverty by increasing the productivity of working horses and donkeys in The Gambia through welfare and management education.

Across the High Andes

An Adventure Trip of a Lifetime.  Captioned pictures of a seven-day adventure ride with six nights camping across the High Andes from Chile to Argentina.  Also a briefer pictorial write-up of this riding adventure amongst other captioned pictures taken on adventures with horses in beautiful and remote places.
Horse Owning Fun

The Character of The Horse - If Horses Were at School 

A bit of horse fun about the character of various breeds of horse to brighten your day ...

Horse Owners' Dictionary

... and a bit more fun with the dressage test, horsey definitionslessons from your horse and a horse's view of the world that we can all relate to.

See this frog ...

 ... or is it?  (Keep watching!)

O.C.E.A.N. Syndrome

Do you have, or are you living with someone who has, O.C.E.A.N. Syndrome?

Clucker Training

 The latest technique?  Much talked about on our e-group!

Suggest a caption.

It's not all horses for some in the Naturally Horses group!

YI-Man Horsemanship

And in contrast, a much, much older horsemanship technique - from even further north than Charlie Wilson's part of the world!

Only horse people...

A set of characteristics that applies only to horse people.


Beds Horsewatch - Tack Stamping: Have your saddle and other tack marked with your postcode as a deterrent against theft, and to ensure it is identified and returned to you if found. 
Cost: £3 a single saddle, £2.50 each for up to 4, or £2 each for 5 or more.  Other items by arrangement.
Stamping kit generously provided by Biggleswade Saddlery, South View, Biggleswade, Bedfordshire.  Please contact Row at: to book your tack in at one of the future natural horse events shown.  Any money I take will go back to Sue, other than £10 a year which I am having to pay as a Beds HW contribution to updating and running the UK Horsewatch site that has been passed over to us, and any other similar one-off expenses.

Trailer Tracking System

Most people have unused mobile phones kicking around.  Pay as you go sim cards can be purchased online for around £5.00, add another £10.00 credit and you have a usable phone/tracking device.

Linking up with an online tracking company allows this phone to be tracked around the country very cheaply. I’ve registered with which is a pay as you go, no contract tracking company.  The costs are as follows:

Registration = Free 50 Credits = £14.99
Register a phone = 5 credits

The registered phone will receive approximately 18 texts per year, each of which uses 1 credit.  The first text must be replied to activate tracking, so you do need to have a small amount of credit on your phone.

Each online search uses 1 credit, zooming in on the online map uses 0.5 credits

All you then have to do is hide the phone in your horsebox or trailer, make sure it is charged and reply to any texts from the tracking company.  This can be done daily from a car charger while you sort out the horses.  If it then goes missing, simply log into the website to find its rough location, which can be passed on to the police.  It's not as accurate as GPS tracking, but does narrow it down to a small village sized area.

It might be an idea to set the text alerts to silent, just in case a text is received when the thieves are around!

Article from Hampshire Horsewatch Bulletin by Steve Kitcher


The Moore Racehorse Trust

I am Marie Bullough, a Trustee of the registered charity, The Moore Racehorse Trust (Reg. no. 1140545).  We are a very new, very small charity which specialises in rehabilitating and re-homing horses from the racing industry in an holistic way using natural horsemanship techniques, barefoot, herbs, homeopathy etc.  Currently we have six horses in our care - four three year old fillies, a five year old mare and an ex racer called Distinctly Game (not for re-homing as he has a club foot). 

Because we are so new, we haven't yet been able to establish a steady income stream so at the moment we can't afford to insure them all because of the premiums. Unfortunately we have recently had two big vet bills which has left us in financial difficulty.

We are asking that anyone who is able to contribute an amount of money, however small, please contact us as soon as possible.

I can be contacted at  and Sharon Moore, founder of the charity, can be contacted on

Any help that you can give would be gratefully received.  Please pass this information on to any like minded people/forums.  Anyone who is interested in finding out more about the horses we have for re-homing, please contact Sharon or me. We are very much looking for the kind of people who inhabit this forum!  

Some pictures will follow here very shortly.


A Horseman's Progress

If you wish to order a copy of Charles Wilson's book, A Horseman's Progress, the best way is to order it direct from Charlie for £10.50 including P&P (within the UK).  Please send your cheque (payable to Charles Wilson) to Cornborough Grange, Sheriff Hutton, York YO60 6QL.   If you'd like it signed please just ask.

Tel: 01347879024    Mobile: 07989453839   Email: